The Leba III Review – Dog Teeth Cleaning Made Easy

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Thank you for checking out my Leba III Review blog, you come to a right place if you are looking for comprehensive review of Leba III Dental Spray for pets made by LebaLab.

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Leba III Dental SprayWell, when I was thinking about buying Leba III, there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one to help any of you who are in the same position I was. Bellow I will talk about my discoveries in

  • product ingredients,
  • safety and side effects,
  • how plaque and tartar gets formed on the dog’s and cat’s teeth.

I have no doubt that it will not only educate you but will help you to choose right product.

How it all got started

The vet who sees my Sheppard mix, Clyde and cat, Lexie, suggested that I put them under anesthesia to have their teeth cleaned or I will be running the risk of gingivitis. I really did not want them to undergo dental teeth cleaning if it was not absolutely necessary. So I decided to find alternative solution to dental teeth cleaning than the one suggested by the vet.

After some in-depth research of the teeth spray for dogs I believe I found best quality product on the market, which is a natural and safe way to remove the dog teeth plaque and to keep my cat’s teeth clean as well.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Made Easy

I followed a simple process which was outlined by LebaLab in the instructions that came with the dental spray bottle. I sprayed Clyde’s teeth twice a day until his teeth and gums were better. Then, after about a month, I switched to once a day application. Can you imagine, just one month and all the plaque is gone and so is the bad dog breath, too?

With Lexie, it took a even less time. She hates the procedure, but started to tolerate it after few days. I used the spray in her mouth once a day and her teeth become noticeably whiter and the redness on the gums disappeared. In three weeks, the results were already there.

It is very important that you follow LebaLab recommendation to not use other dental products with Leba III, since their chemicals will destroy its beneficial action.

Here is what I don’t like about this dog teeth spray

  • Lexie hates spray in her mouth. She has mean claws and is not afraid to use them. It took several days for her to adjust to the process
  • Depending on the condition of the animal’s teeth it may take more then one bottle. If a lot of plaque is also present, you may have to use the spray for a long time to prevent bad breath and to prevent the dog teeth plaque from coming back.

Even if that’s an issue, it is still cheaper and better than the alternative of putting pets under anesthesia to clean their teeth.

On the other hand, these are positive things I found about pet dental spray

  • It is all-natural. All of the Leba III ingredients are safe for human and it contains no harsh chemicals. If you are looking for holistic treatment for dogs, it can’t get any better!
  • Compare that to the price of dental cleaning: several hundred dollars. This product is well worth it price.
  • I finally can get rid of the dog toothbrush and all the associated pain of its use.
  • Leba dental spray underwent an in-depth double-blind test with 100% improvement in the results. No other product that I know of had such extensive testing.
  • Every single review I read is positive and results were seen after just a few weeks of use.

If your pet currently has issue with plaque or bad breath, you need to seriously consider Leba III dental spray. It worked for me and others, and it will work for you. You won’t regret it!

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Hope that my review has helped you and your pets,


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Leba 3 – Dog Plaque Spray

One reason you give your dog a bone to chew on is so they can clean their teeth. The chewing motion, plus the bone itself, helps keep plaque or biofilm off their teeth. Dogs can suffer the same problems as human when it comes to their teeth. Your dog’s dental health is as important as your dental health. If bad dog breath is a problem, it may be a sign plaque or tartar (harden plaque/calculus) causing a problem.

Leba 3 dog plaque sprayBiofilm is a colony of bacteria that gets develop on your dog or cat’s teeth. When dog teeth cleaning is not done often enough, a biofilm or plaque develops that calcifies around the gumline of teeth. It turns into tarter and can be hard to remove unless you visit with a veterinarian. If the plaque is allowed to buildup to excess, your dog will get gingivitis, periodontitis, bad dog breath or other types of diseases.

You should check your pet’s mouths at least once a week to stop any problems with plaque buildup. Once they get used to having their mouth checked, you’ll catch any problems early enough to prevent any pet dental health issues. Although, animals rarely get cavities, they do get gum diseases.

You can spot the beginnings of any problems by examining the gums of your dog or cat. If the tarter or hardened plaque is allowed to take control, it moves under the gum and forms pockets where the bacteria can grow. You’ll notice the gumline will be swollen and red. The more the bacterium grows the worse the gum disease will be for your pet.

However, biofilm can destroy teeth and gums faster than you can clean it off. It’s essential to keep your dog’s teeth as clean as possible. Brushing their teeth is a good way but some dogs just don’t like that, not to mention how you feel about cleaning your dog’s teeth. Using Leba 3 dental spray is easier on you and your dog.

Since bacterium developing plaque lives in the mouth, it creates bad dog breath. A bacterium eats away at most things it attaches itself producing rotten smell waste. Use of spray for dog teeth is much easier then brushing dogs teeth, especially if they don’t like it.

Once you use Leba 3 on your dog, you’ll notice how your dog’s breath smells cleaner. If they already have a problem, you’ll see an improvement in a couple of day, depending on how bad the buildup. Before you use Leba III dental spray, review the instructions, to make sure of correct dossage. Leba 3 dog plaque spray is a great way to keep the biofilm or plaque controlled for your pet’s dental health.

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Leba III Ingredients – What makes dog teeth clean

Have you ever wondered what kinds of chemicals may be in the food or supplements that you feed your dog or cat? I’m one of those guys who likes to read the labels. It helps me to understand which products to buy and which I should just leave on the shelf.

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Food and supplements made for pets are not strictly controlled and the manufacturers often utilize ingredients that haven’t been well-tested. Often, the supplements use specially-formulated compounds that produce side-effects that impact the pet’s overall health. That’s why I decided to find a product as close as possible to natural/holistic treatments for dogs and cats, which takes care of the tartar on the dog’s teeth with no side-effects, and it doesn’t involve the extra work of brushing the dog’s teeth.

Leba III rosaceae and lamiacea extract

Leba III was not the only product I researched in my review. I really wanted to find convincing facts about products showing that they were okay to be consumed by pets. Since you are reading my Leba III review, I have no doubt that you want to do the same thing. I really wondered what it was that made this dog dental spray so successful and why so many other products fall short of what Leba III has achieved.

Leba III Ingredients

water, ethyl alcohol, rosaceae (rose) extract, lamiacea (mint) extract

Ethanol is an alcohol commonly used as a solvent (a liquid that dissolves another ingredient) in medications. It’s also called ethyl alcohol and grain alcohol. This is the only ingredient that concerned me in this product. Since the solution is administered as a spray / drops in small quantities and alcohol used in many other common products, I dismissed this as a major concern.

Yet if it is a concern for your pet Lebalab suggests to dilute the dose with  same amount of distilled water. That addresses issues if your pet has liver or kidney problem or problem  metabolizing alcohol. Of course you will need to administer it then using syringe by dropping to pet’s mouth.

As you see, the rest of the formula consists of water, rose and mint essences. It’s a pretty simple mix which seems to work well for other pet owners with 100% success and no side effects.

This is review site: Click HERE to get Leba III Dental Spray

If you are interested to find out about ingredients of other dog dental spray and solution, please read on HERE.

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Leba III – Double Blind Test

I think it’s important that you know that the Leba III dental spray has gone through extensive testing. This is the only such product I’m aware of that has gone through a double-blind test.

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In a double-blind experiment, neither the vets, the people who are administering the test, nor the pet owners know who is in the control group or the experimental group. Only after all the data has been recorded and analyzed can they learn if they have used the actual pet dental spray or a placebo. The protocol of the test was designed by Dr. Herald Pook of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

It is quite amazing to see how cleaning the dogs’ teeth works, and that the results of the test showed improvement in 100% of the dogs tested.

You can see it for yourself in the following video.

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Leba III Review – Does it Work?

Leba III dental spray has been around for many years now, but it seems that there aren’t any actual Leba III review available. Pet dental issues are common and are a regular concern for most pet owners today. I thought that a review site could provide valuable help to owners facing issues with their pet’ dental health.

This is review site: Click HERE to get Leba III Dental Spray

Cleaning dog’s teeth is not something they enjoy.

Results of dog Teeth CleaningI started seeing that my cat and dog’s teeth were starting to collect plaque and develop an odor. I’m okay with mild odor, but the rest of the family become concerned. My vet insists on paying more attention to cat and dog teeth cleaning, because a variety of diseases are related to tooth and gum problems. A trip to the pet store set me back $50 in dental bones, chew toys, and some dental food for the cat. A few months passed, the dog devoured the dental bones and chew toys I got him, but the cat was still refusing to eat the specially formulated food and the plaque is still there! I found that trying to brush your pet’s teeth is not the most pleasant experience, either, especially if your dog or cat hates it.

This seems to leave us with “only one option:” expensive and dangerous dental cleaning procedures from the veterinarian. The vet explained that the cleaning procedures for dogs and cats require anesthesia, which is not only expensive but it can cause health complications and even death.

Is this the only option?

You are right, there must be some other way! Asking other pet owners and searching the internet led me to find a few products which claim to clean dog and cat teeth without the vet’s help. Among them are popular teeth spray for dogs and cats by PetzLife and LebaLab; PlaqueOff dietary supplement and Oxyfresh pet dental cleaning solution.

cat teeth cleaningI’m like you, I have to know everything about products I feed my family with. So I started researching and found that some of the ingredients in Oxyfresh and Petzlife have been linked to health concerns when they are consumed. PlaqueOff is a natural supplement, and it’s still recommended that you brush your pet’s teeth when using it.

What was left is Leba III by LebaLab cat and dog teeth cleaning spray. I researched its ingredients and found that they are all natural, human grade and have no harmful elements. Sounds like a winner!

Does it really helps?

Here are few things I found while researching and using Leba III dental spray.

  • LebaLab did rigorous “Double Blind Trials” with 100% success rate with the Leba III dental spray.
  • I read all of the customer reviews (over 70 reviews) I could find. I was pleased to learn that 90% of pet owners found that Leba III dental spray worked for their animal, 5 owners are still deciding and only 2 had no visible improvements. In addition, it helps with bad breath for dogs. Wow, that is amazing result!
  • And most importantly it worked for my dog and cat!

This is review site: Click HERE to get Leba III Dental Spray

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